Best Movie Star Planet Hacks To Check Out

Everyone wants to be a star with the new moviestarplanet hacks. After you just joined, it becomes necessary to have as many diamonds and Starcoins as possible. You should also know that maintaining VIP membership here has become so expensive that many people are finding hack tools very important. This game has risen in popularity that many people would save some time each day to just play. Let’s look at some vital details of the moviestarplanet hack game before we highlight hack tools and some cheats.

What is Moviestareplanet Hack?

This is a game that allows people to be the movie star they would like to be. You understand how movie celebrities are treated with respect and envy in real life. So, this a game for kids aged between 8 and 15 to enjoy their fantasy and meet with other people online. Consider it to be like Facebook for kids. Creators monitors any suspicious accounts to ensure that members are kept safe.

How Moviestarplanet works


In this game, Starcoins make up the main currency. It works in a manner that after watching s single movie, you get 10 coins. The person who created the movie also gets some amount that is normally more depending on the game level. The higher level you reach the more coins you get. To be richer with many coins in this game, a player has to watch more movies while moving to higher levels. For instance, petting a boonie could earn you up to 5 starcoins. If you play a certain a competition and win, then you VIP status, Diamonds and more starcoins.

VIP status

When you are a VIP member, you get access to all the features of this game. You can easily unleash the features as you choose in competitions. Ideally, one has to buy certain packages as they are offered to be a VIP member. It is good you keep in mind that on becoming a VIP member, there are more diamonds and Starcoins. However, with msp hacks, you can easily become a VIP member without paying monthly charges. The msp hack cheats have been designed to help navigate and enjoy playing utilizing all its features. Are you asking yourself how the msp hack cheats work?

How the MSP cheats work?

Basically, moviestarplanet hack is an online game. The creators of this cheats thus came up with a way to get around their servers and help people enjoy features of this game without paying. They found a way to offer you more diamonds and starcoins. All you need is sign into your account you will be shown a number of free VIP packages to enjoy.

Will it work on my device?

Finally, Hack NA MSP can work any device be it a laptop, computer, Android device and most smartphones out here. Hack NA is checked each daily for security updates ensuring that all members accounts are safe from suspicious activities. All you need to do now is check for MSP hacks and choose your free VIP package. You will love spending time accumulating diamonds and starcoins courtesy of our hacks.